The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, R.L. Stevenson


All apologies for my absence! Today, I have some time to write about my latest reading!

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a major gothic work, which had been on my mind for some time, when I got to study it for my LELE (Foreign Literature in Foreign Language) class. So I borrowed a copy from the Penguin Classics collection. The « SCJH » was accompanied by a selection of other short stories, but I did not take the time to read it.

110704During a night walk in the streets of London, the reader discovers, along with Mr Utterson, the portrait of a despicable character, immoral, monstrous, named Hyde. Back in his office, Utterson reads the will of his friend, Dr. Jekyll, a respected scientist. It establishes that, if Jekyll disappeared, his « friend and benefactor Edward Hyde »  was to inherit all his possessions. Worried, the solicitor seeks for the secret link between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Yet he is far from imagining the extraordinary truth. Indeed, Henry Jekyll discovered an explanation for his feelings of frustration and deprivation of liberty: his personality, oppressed, was built by unsatisfactory compromise between the two sides of his soul, good and evil. He thus developed a remedy allowing him to free his curbed and hidden impulses, by giving birth to Hyde. Nevertheless, what was to liberate Jekyll from his anguish put him under the destructive domination of Hyde.

This novel about the split personality, fable about good and evil, is original because the writer chose to destroy the incarnation of good. Brevity, mystery and magic are additional assets which make it an essential text. Do not hesitate to (re)read it!


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