Thirteen reasons why, Jay Asher


I’m afraid it’s been quite a while since my last post in English…  Well, today I am going to tell you about my last reading in English.

For a trailer, you can click here.


I knew about Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher when it was translated into French some years ago (jeez, I’m getting so old!). I thought the plot was interesting but never really read it… Until two weeks ago, when I heard Selena Gomez is going to release a Netflix series based on this book.

Clay receives a box of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah, his first love, who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Her voice explains to thirteen people how they changed her life and became thirteen reasons why she decided to end it. There can be no forgetting. Every detail matters.

I was pleasantly surprised. The form alternates between Hannah’s records and Clay’s reaction to it, which I found unusual. Even though there are parties, shallow girls, douchebags and a wallflower as in every teen story, the plot and characters are deeper than this. The focus is not on the love story or the mean acts Hannah faced. The book shows how intense and fragile are emotions for teenagers. Indeed, Hannah lost hope and stopped trying because of events that would’ve looked minor after she grew up. She thought no one could help her when the ones who cared about her were just waiting for her to tell them what was going on. I could remember social issues feeling overwhelming when I was a little younger than Hannah… For once, teenagers are seen as stupid and sensitive, which seems more accurate.

It is no literary masterpiece but stands out on the shelves of books for teens.

Personally, I don’t think it can be successfully adapted on screen… The book is easy enough to read not to be lazy to the point of watching it. Are you looking forward to seeing Selena Gomez’s work?

I almost forgot to tell you that you can listen to bits of Hannah’s tapes here! To avoid spoilers, you should wait to have finished the book before.

Vocabulary time!

  • Rewind = rembobiner
  • Fast-forward = accélérer
  • Wiper blades = essuie-glaces

One more thing before you go! The SWMRS’re a band with Joey Armstrong, son of the Green Day lead singer, as a drummer? What’s the link with my chronicle? Their song Hannah has a vibe similar to the tone of the book… and I can’t help encouraging the Armstrong family :p So please just click here to listen.


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